Website Design
We offer you personalised website design - that means that it can be whatever you'd like it to be, built entirely from scratch, with no pick-your-preferred-layout or select-your-ideal-XYZ. We take pride in creating for you a totally unique website, designed specifically for you, exactly how you want it... read more!

Hosting Services
As part of the package deal, we can provide you with your own fully-customisable web address and host all the content for you. All you need to do is decide on a domain name. When buying a domain name (or multiple domain names) registration fees account for 2-years' worth of ownership, registered in your name. What you pay at the beginning of the 2-years is all you'll pay; there are no hidden charges... read more!

Under renovation...
Polly Projects will soon be undergoing some renovation to improve the efficiency of the site.


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