Get the ball rolling...

If you are deliberating the use of Polly Projects for your website development, please take into account the following aspects of the potential project, and be sure to have come to a reasonable conclusion, or number of ideas, concerning each, or some, of the aspects below. (I've read them all, but I still have no idea!)

  • What is the purpose of my site and who are the target audience?
  • What should my domain name be? Is it available? Does it match the company name and is it easy to remember and spell?
  • What colours do I want, and where on the page?
  • Where would I like the navigation/menu bar to be? What kind of navigation should it be? (simple, dropdown menu, imagemap, etc.)
  • What sort of background colour, image or design would I like, if any?
  • What other visual features should my site have, and do I want to include my logo in the layout? Do I need to redesign the old logo/make a new one?
  • If I'm advertising products, do I have adequate photographs/graphics/documents to provide or would I like some custom made/photographed as part of the job?
  • What content do I want on my site, and how many pages? (consider an introduction for the homepage, an "about" page, contact details and what service/product you offer at least)
  • Do I want any audio or video on my site?
  • What features have I seen before on websites that I'd like on my own?
  • Am I considering keeping the site updated in the future? Would I prefer to do it myself or send updated information to the developer?
  • How much am I willing to spend on the website?