Hosting your website

As part of the package deal, we can provide you with your own fully-customisable web address and host all the content for you. All you need to do is decide on a domain name. (What's a domain name?!) When buying a domain name (or multiple domain names) registration fees account for 2-years' worth of ownership, registered in your name. What you pay at the beginning of the 2-years is all you'll pay; there are no hidden charges. (See the pricelist of the various suffixes.)

Alternatively, we offer a domain forwarding service - if you have a domain name already that is hard to remember/spell, this service redirects any traffic from your new and easy-to-remember domain name to your previous website and content. This isn't the same as domain-aliasing; if you buy more than one domain name and want to redirect them all to the same content, this can be provided free of charge when your account is set up. For example, the following URLs all direct to this site;