Fonts, colours and themes of a website

These aspects of the site are entirely up to you, and in fact, we would appreciate your input, as these features of your site should depend on what your business is offering and your target audience.

Text makes up a huge part of a website, and will be the main focus of attention in terms of detail. Different fonts can have different effects and give off different impressions, and some are much easier to read than others (serif vs. sans-serif) - your font choice is important in website design, as whilst in some cases the font can come across as "boring", this may be a necessary feature of the site and for the target audience. Another feature to consider is the size of the font in terms of readability and attractiveness.

Colours can have a psychological effect on the viewer, so the right colour schemes can be potentially enhancing for your business, for example, blue promotes the sense of calmness and confidence, inspiring and stimulating creativity. And purple is awesome!

If you're considering a graphics-based, database-driven or flash website, consider what you'd like in terms of a theme. A theme is a running feature throughout a website, and includes the colour scheme along with the font style, colour and size, and gives us something to work with! The most effective graphical themes are those which coincide with your business, for example, if you run a small cafe, you may want a cafe-style theme, or coffee beans and crockery. If you offer landscaping services, a light, airy garden theme may suit well.

The more ideas you come to us with for consultation, the more visually interesting the site can be for the business and the customers.