Polly Projects - Frequently Asked Questions

I've seen a website that I like - can I have one that looks the same?

If you've seen a site you like, it's best to note down what you like about it. What are its redeeming features? Why is it so attractive? Is it easy to navigate and is the information clear?

The best way forward from here is to then design a site with those redeeming features, but it needs to be different to a) stand out and b) avoid copyright issues! I'm sure the owners of that site wouldn't be happy if yours was exactly the same, I can tell you that for nothing!

What we like to hear is:

"there are a few sites I like, but I've narrowed it down to my 3 favourites {list of URLs}. These are the features that are common on all 3 sites and these are the favourite features for me {list of features}. I'm not sure where to go from here, so could you design me a site with these main features?"

So in short: no. In long: kinda, not really, no. It should probably look different to your competitors site or, as a company providing a service, you won't stand out at all.