Polly Projects - Frequently Asked Questions

What is website hosting?

A website can be made on any computer by anybody. But, to be visible on the Internet, or the World Wide Web, the website has to be hosted. This means it's connected to the internet and viewable by anybody who connects to the URL.

You can't ask us to design you a website if you haven't got any hosting - hosting is the first hurdle. You can't put a website on the World Wide Web without having a location for it to go - somewhere that someone can go to specifically for your website. Its own little corner of the internet. Luckily, we can offer you website hosting as well as website design and development. Just choose your domain name (see if your ideal domain name is available!).

As an upside to this, if you host your websites with us, theres no external contact, issues or conflicts with any other web hosters: all of the work is dealt with by us internally. This means that there won't then be any random occurences of the site going down or something going wrong that is beyond our control. If there is a problem with our servers, the problem could be fixed very promptly. If there is a problem with a different host that means your site is down, the problem is beyond our control, and who knows how long it could take to solve.