Scanning your photos and negatives

Have you ever wondered whether you're going to have to start throwing away some old photo albums? They're very bulky and take up a lot of space and, other than those occassional nostalgic summer evenings, when are you going to actually sit and look through them again? If you're anything like my family, they're stored away somewhere gathering dust, quite out of immediate reach. But wouldn't it be nice to have them more readily available? Like you can with your digital photos?

Having a soft copy (like digital photos) of your old, precious memories would be convenient and much safer than how they are now, all hoarded away, suffering damage over time and getting dusty. And what if (heaven forbid) there was a fire? How safe are they against the elements?

We had this huge crate of a big jumbled up bundle of photos and negatives. Some were in those little photo wallets you get when you have your film developed, others were just loose in the bottom getting scratched and damaged, and there were loads of negatives just flitting around, all mixed up and slowly deteriorating. So we went through them all and scanned them into the computer, sorting them into separate folders with approximate dates and descriptions. And it's all quite fun looking at the fashion faux pas committed by the parents themselves!

But basically, now if we want to remind an old friend of "that one time...", or show that younger sibling the weird things he used to do as a child, it's much more simple. It's safer and much more accessible to have a copy of them on your computer.

If you're interested in having some photos scanned, we do offer a competitive rate for this time-consuming but invaluable task. Please get in contact for more information.