Dynamic database-driven websites

"Dynamic" web pages (such as those driven by a database) are different your regular pages of a website (or "static" web pages). They are specially encoded with commands that tell it what to do as it happens - the information on the page is dynamic and can change based on what the user does. "Static" webpages, on the other hand, are hard-coded and don't change unless you change the page and re-upload it onto the internet.

This is where the beauty of a database-driven site comes in: because the pages are coded to grab the information from a database, the database is all that needs updating, rather than (on the larger sites) possibly hundreds of different pages. This means that instead of playing around with the scripted page to add and take away information (i.e. text, images, tables, etc.), the information (and the website) can be updated immediately when the database is updated without any extra intervention necessary. Database-driven sites are generally much easier to maintain and update: it need not be a confusing hassle.

We can offer our services to provide you with larger, database-driven websites, more suitable for E-commerce. These sites are more suitable for those who have a lot of information that needs regularly updating. If, for example, you need a regularly updated news page, a database-driven site might give you the freedom to upload all the information you need to swiftly and easily update without having to even look at a page of code.

To discuss the potential of a database-driven website for you, get in contact with us and we'd be happy to arrange a consultation.