General Web Design

The majority of the websites we build use graphics, colours and visually pleasing layouts to create interest for the viewer. Although text is the main priority of a website, our purpose is to create a site that is easy to read and attracts the right kind of attention, whilst being aesthetically pleasing for the viewer.

There are many visual possibilities to consider, such as themes, colour schemes, layout, background, etc, which we can discuss with you in detail. The best way to decide what you'd like in a website is to put pen to paper and draw out a plan. That way we can discuss the potential of the design and look into how we can code it, what sort of code to use and which other software would be most effective to create the perfect website for you. The list of possibilities is literally endless, so it's worth sitting down and having a little think about it. Please consider some of the features of websites to get the ball rolling.

Alternatively, if you're not the creative type, we can sit down and discuss a new design from scratch - get in contact with us to arrange a consultation, and we'd be happy to help.